Charlotte's Fresh 48

You guys!!!  This was my first ever Fresh 48 session and I LOVED it! You may remember Katie and Justin from their winter maternity session (you can view their blog post HERE).  This is their first baby and they are both over the moon in LOVE with this little girl.  Charlotte came into this world in a hurry!  Katie was telling me all about her birth story.. She practically gave birth before she was even checked in!  When I first walked into their room at the hospital, it was full of life and energy and SO much love for this little baby!  I wasn't even in the room for 5 minutes and Katie asked if I wanted to hold her.  OF COURSE I said, "Well, I'm not going to say NO to THAT! Hand that sweet baby girl over!"  I got my baby fix and she was so so sweet the whole time I was there.  Stay tuned for her newborn session coming soon... Now, on to my favorites from their Fresh 48!