I am honored and proud to announce that I am now a regional photographer for A Beautiful Body Project.  I am thrilled to bring this type of session to you! This session will include you as the main subject, but depending on your story, may incorporate your baby, children, spouse, or parent.  These photographs are meant to empower and/or heal.  As a regional photographer for A Beautiful Body Project, I pledge to tell your story respectfully and beautifully. These are photographs that are color corrected, but are done so without airbrushing or digital body augmentation.  My hope is to have a therapeutic photoshoot, tell your story through images captured, share your story with ABBP, and by doing so, help empower and inspire women around the world to build healthy self-esteems, confidence, and shift body-image-perception for future generations of girls.  

For more information about Jade Beall and A Beautiful Body Project, please visit

 Some session subject ideas include but are not limited to: 

  • maternity
  • post-partum
  • nursing
  • motherhood
  • aging
  • self-acceptance
  • cancer
  • overcoming an obstacle
  • ...and so many more...

This session is at the location of your choice, preferably in the comfort of your own home.  Images will not be used for A Beautiful Body Project, or on any other social media platform without your permission.  Please contact me for more information about what this session entails.  


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*some verbiage has been taken from ABBP's website.